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Rival Motorsports MudHawk 6


The MudHawk 6 is designed specifically for young riders to start learning the ropes of ATV riding. It’s loaded with great features to let your young rider explore and enjoy the outdoors. Supervising adults will love the MudHawk 6’s safety features like Wireless Engine Shut Off and the throttle limiter.

Wireless Engine Shut Off

The MudHawk 6 comes with a unique Wireless Engine Shut Off key fob, giving the supervising adult an extra level of control. A simple push of the shut off button will turn the engine off and the MudHawk 6 coasts to a stop. When the child has corrected him- or herself, the adult can push the remote start to restart the engine for them

Throttle Limiter

If your young rider is just learning about throttle control, the MudHawk 6's throttle limiter will let you control top speed to fit his or her ability. When they demonstrate appropriate skill level, you can increase speed at your discretion.

Proper Ergonomics

The MudHawk 6 is specifically engineered at the right size for your young riders. The chassis layout is designed to fit the average 6-10-year-old child.

Rear Disk Brake

The MudHawk 6 uses a disc brake system on the rear axle to provide consistent stopping power. The hydraulic brake has a lightweight pull effort and an appropriately sized lever that your young rider can operate easily and confidently.

Grease Zerks

Proper maintenance isn't just for adult-sized units. The MudHawk 6 has grease zerks in key high wear areas. Easy access points let you teach your young rider to do his or her own maintenance right from the beginning.


The MudHawk 6 has 7-inch wheels that deliver excellent traction and performance across a wide variety of terrain, while also enhancing ride quality.

Electric Start Engine, LED Running Lights, Gear Indicator, Composite Rear Rack

Introducing the MudHawk 6 - the perfect ATV for young riders to kickstart their off-roading adventure! This youth-oriented ATV is packed with amazing features that guarantee a safe and enjoyable riding experience. With the Wireless Engine Shut Off, supervising adults have an added level of control, allowing them to remotely turn off the engine at any time. The throttle limiter feature also enables parents to adjust the speed according to the child's skill level, ensuring a comfortable learning experience.

Safety is a top priority with the MudHawk 6. Equipped with a Wireless Engine Shut Off key fob, parents can effortlessly stop the engine with the push of a button, allowing their child to safely coast to a standstill. When ready, the engine can be easily restarted using the remote start. The throttle limiter adds another layer of protection, enabling parents to set a maximum speed appropriate for their child's ability. As their skills progress, this speed can be gradually increased to offer them more excitement and challenge.

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the MudHawk 6 ensures a comfortable and secure fit for young riders aged 6 to 10 years. Its specialized chassis layout perfectly aligns with the average child's physique, allowing for effortless control and maneuverability. This means your child can focus on having fun while building their confidence and skills on the trails.

The MudHawk 6 features a reliable rear disc brake system, providing consistent and responsive stopping power. Its hydraulic brake ensures a lightweight pull effort, allowing young riders to easily and confidently apply the brakes when needed. With the appropriately sized lever, your child can quickly adapt to operating the disc brake system, enhancing their overall riding experience and safety.

Maintenance is a breeze with the MudHawk 6. Equipped with grease zerks in key high wear areas, it's easy to keep this ATV in optimal condition. These accessible grease points allow you to involve your child in the maintenance process from an early age, teaching them valuable skills while fostering a sense of responsibility. Give your young rider the tools to take care of their vehicle, setting them up for a lifetime of proactive ATV ownership.